Rhino Linings is internationally renowned for our superior industrial strength protection that prevents rust, impact and abrasive damage and chemical attacks.

Rhino Linings is the World Pioneer of Spray-on Polyurethane Industrial Linings. The company was founded in South Africa by Morgan Evans in 1983 when he became the first individual to successfully apply Spray-On Polyurethane linings as superior protection to steel substrates. Since its inception, Rhino Linings has expanded globally and now has over 800 branches & agents in Europe, Australia, Africa & the USA.

At Rhino Industrial, we specialise in the application and distribution of Epoxy, Polyurea, Polyurethane, Glass-flake re-inforced Vinyl-ester and Poly-ester industrial coatings and industrial linings, which will ensure that your corrosion protection, waterproofing, wear and abrasion requirements are met – whatever your environmental conditions are. We have coating and industrial lining solutions covering the entire environment corrosion spectrum from C1 to C5M.

Rhino Linings Industrial is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and our head office is in Alrode where we also have our own on-site chemical plant from where we manufacture and distribute our proprietary chemicals worldwide.

We offer a host of advantages that make us stand out from our competitors and that adds to our continued growth and success.


At Rhino Industrial we share a pool of experience that spans over 35 years, with more than 800 Rhino Linings branches and agents world-wide, encompassing over 100 million m² of successfully applied heavy duty chemical, abrasion, wear and impact-resistant coatings and linings, manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

We can provide cost effective anti-corrosion & abrasion solutions, throughout all industries in South Africa and throughout the African continent. Rhino Industrial has the required resources, as well as the Global partnerships, to offer A to Z Corrosion & Abrasion solutions to all sectors of industry, irrespective of project size or difficulty.

We manufacture, supply and apply a comprehensive range of specialist polyurethanes, polyureas and glass-flake reinforced epoxies, vinyl-ester and poly-ester industrial linings and coatings, as well as industrial rubber linings. We are continually growing and expanding our product range, and with over thirty years of experience, we are able to offer our customers the best chemical, technical and application advice in the industry.

Rhino Linings’ products have been tried and tested in some of the harshest conditions around the world. Our durable coatings have proven successful in various application environments in the Agricultural, Mining, Petro-Chemical, Food, Marine, Waste-Water, Military, & Power Generation industries, as well as many other industries.


Forms a seamless (monolithic) coating with no joints that can lift or peel

Forms a permanent air- and water tight bond to the surface

Bonds to virtually any substrate including steel, concrete, fiberglass, wood, polystyrene and foam

Can be applied to any thickness required with no lag time between coats or lamination problems

Available in a range of standard colours and can be custom coloured to match the application environment

Protects against chemical attacks, corrosion, abrasion and impact damage

Adheres to stringent quality control measures and has ISO9001:2000 certification

Environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances into the atmosphere

Has a range of additives to assist with UV protection, fire resistance and adhesion promotion

Vertically intergrated and blends its own chemicals and manufactures its own equipment – thorough knowledge of the entire process


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